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Change Response Signatures


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When adding a response on Care Opinion, you can choose how to sign your response. This tells the author who is replying to them. We show this in the dark pink bar at the top of your reply:

eg of a response from an individual

The default option is to show your name, job title and organisation (These can be updated in your profile). If you have uploaded a profile picture we will also show this. 

But there may be occasions where it does not feel appropriate to sign a response with your full name. In these instances, you have two other options to sign your response:

  • Your job title and organisation
  • Your organisation only

Both of these options would remove your name from the dark pink bar at the top of your reply to the story you are responding to. They will also remove our picture.

Here is an example of a response that is just showing the organisation name:

eg of response from the organisation

How to change your signature

The default for all responses is your full signature, but you can change this on a response by response basis. When adding your response, change the "how would you like to sign?" option - highlighted in yellow - to one of the options highlighted in orange:

how to change your response signature

The option you have selected will then be underlined in pink. 

To check you are happy with the change, check them "preview" tab at the top of the response box. 

Remember of you do not want your name to appear in the the dark pink box, you may also not want to write your name in the body of your response.

If you want to change your signature to update your name or job title, you can do this from your profile page