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Support for research

At Care Opinion we believe research is vital to understand people's experiences of care and how they could be improved.

We also believe that research is needed to help us understand the risks and benefits of online feedback, and improve the way we do it.

We work with a range of academic research partners to support work relevant to our mission.

Current research partnerships

Care Opinion is contributing support or data to ongoing research studies at the Universities of Aberdeen, Cardiff, Leeds, Oxford, Plymouth and Sussex.

In addition, Care Opinion is a formal partner of:

  • Bradford Patient Safety Translational Research Centre
  • Yorkshire & Humber CLAHRC

Internationally, we have links with researchers at Yale and Cornell Universities in the US.

Research outputs relevant to Care Opinion

There is a growing body of research about public online feedback in healthcare in general, and about Care Opinion in particular. We list some relevant research outputs here.

In addition our blog often features discussion of research findings and their implications.

Experience in action: Moderating care in web-based patient feedback (Ziewitz M)

A cross sectional survey of the UK public to understand use of online ratings and reviews of health services (van Velthoven M et al)

Wisdom of patients: predicting the quality of care using aggregated patient feedback (Griffiths and Leaver)

Responding effectively to adult mental health patient feedback in an online environment: A coproduced framework (Baines et al)

Including the online feedback site, Patient Opinion, in the nursing curriculum: Exploratory study (Jones et al)

Healthcare experience quality: an empirical exploration using content analysis techniques (Ponsignon et al)

Experiencing health care service quality: through patients' eyes (Schembri)