About Care Opinion

What is Care Opinion?

Care Opinion is an independent site where anyone can share their stories of adult social care or the NHS.

Our site covers adult social services (as well as NHS services) in England and currently in two pilot areas in Scotland: Fife and Ayrshire and Arran. We give service users, their families and carers the opportunity to publish their personal experiences, good or bad, of the care system.

Care Opinion is a place where you can:

  • Share your story of using adult social care services
  • See what others are saying about services
  • See how services respond and when they make a change

Care Opinion is part of Patient Opinion which covers health services. So you will find plenty of stories about your local health service on Care Opinion. It doesn't matter whether your story is about adult social care services or the NHS - just share what happened to you and we will do our best to make sure the right people in both health and social care get to read it.

Why use Care Opinion?

  • Care Opinion gives you a public voice to share your experience about the services you use.
  • Care Opinion will always try to make sure that the right people will hear your story.
  • Sharing your stories about health and social care on Care Opinion can help make services better.
  • Care Opinion is safe, confidential and independent of services and authorities.
  • Reading the stories that other people share on Care Opinion can help you choose the best care providers.
  • Care Opinion works across health services, as well as social care. Whether your story is about adult social care services or the NHS or both, we publish it and deliver it to the right people locally, whether they work in social care or health.

Care Opinion, like Patient Opinion, is a not-for-profit social enterprise run for the benefit of users, carers, staff and the public.