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Research outputs relevant to Care Opinion


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There is a growing body of research about public online feedback in healthcare in general, and about Care Opinion in particular.

We list some relevant research outputs below. (If you know of more, please tell us!)

Our blog often features discussion of research findings and their implications.

We also have regular online research chats discussing new and emerging findings.

Research about Care Opinion and online feedback

Experience in action: Moderating care in web-based patient feedback (Ziewitz, 2017)

Including the online feedback site, Patient Opinion, in the nursing curriculum: Exploratory study (Jones et al, 2017)

A cross sectional survey of the UK public to understand use of online ratings and reviews of health services (van Velthoven M et al, 2018)

Responding effectively to adult mental health patient feedback in an online environment: A coproduced framework (Baines et al, 2018)

How do healthcare staff respond to patient experience feedback online? A typology of responses published on Care Opinion (Ramsey et al, 2019)

Creating highly reliable health care organisations through reverse exchanges (Kumar et al, 2020)

Anonymity, veracity and power in online patient feedback: A quantitative and qualitative analysis of staff responses to patient comments on the ‘Care Opinion’ platform in Scotland (Locock et al, 2020)

Implementing online patient feedback in a ‘special measures’ acute hospital: A case study using Normalisation Process Theory (Baines et al, 2021)

The Cultivation of Digital Health Citizenship (Petrakaki et al, 2021)

Caring for care: Online feedback in the context of public healthcare services (Mazanderani et al, 2021)

Turning the gaze: Digital patient feedback and the silent pathology of the NHS (Montgomery et al, 2021))

Narrative evaluation in patient feedback: A study of online comments about UK healthcare services (Brookes et al, 2022)

‘Using humanity to change systems’ – understanding the work of online feedback moderation: A case study of Care Opinion Scotland (Berry et al, 2022)

Exploring the sociocultural contexts in which healthcare staff respond to and use online patient feedback in practice: In-depth case studies of three NHS Trusts (Ramsey et al, 2022)

A glimpse behind the organisational curtain: A dramaturgical analysis exploring the ways healthcare staff engage with online patient feedback ‘front’ and ‘backstage’ at three hospital Trusts in England (Ramsey et al, 2023)

Developing a research community within an online healthcare feedback platform (Fylan et al, 2023)

Using and loving the NHS: Chapter 6 in How Britain Loves the NHS: Practices of Care and Contestation (Stewart, 2023)

“Feedback is indeed a dainty dish to set before the Trust”: Comparing how online patient feedback is responded to and used across three hospital Trusts in England (Ramsey et al, 2023)

Health service improvement using positive patient feedback: Systematic scoping review (Lloyd et al, 2023)

Quantitative research using stories shared on Care Opinion

Wisdom of patients: predicting the quality of care using aggregated patient feedback (Griffiths and Leaver, 2017)

Online patient feedback as a safety valve: An automated language analysis of unnoticed and unresolved safety incidents (Gillespie and Reader, 2022)

Understanding what patients think about hospitals: A deep learning approach for detecting emotions in patient opinions (Serrano-Guerrero, 2022)

Probabilistic emotion and sentiment modelling of patient-reported experiences (Murray et al, 2024) - preprint

A picture fuzzy set multi criteria decision-making approach to customize hospital recommendations based on patient feedback (Bani-Doumi et al, 2024)

What is the Consumer Attitude toward Healthcare Services? A Transfer Learning Approach for Detecting Emotions from Consumer Feedback (Alshouha et al, 2024)

An integrated decision framework for evaluating and recommending health care services (Alshouha et al, 2024)

Qualitative research using stories shared on Care Opinion

Healthcare experience quality: an empirical exploration using content analysis techniques (Ponsignon et al)

Experiencing health care service quality: through patients' eyes (Schembri)

Comparing psychiatric care experiences shared online with validated questionnaires; do they include the same content? (Baines et al, 2019)

Exploring Patients’ Pharmacy Stories: An Analysis of Online Feedback (Loo et al, 2021)

Understanding amputation care in England and Scotland: a qualitative exploration of patient stories posted on an online patient feedback site (Hanna, 2021)

A fuzzy aspect-based approach for recommending hospitals (Serrano-Guerrero et al, 2021)

Systemic safety inequities for people with learning disabilities: a qualitative integrative analysis of the experiences of English health and social care for people with learning disabilities, their families and carers (Ramsey et al, 2022)

Views of Care at End of Life: A Secondary Analysis of Online Feedback Using Care Opinion (Khonsari et al, 2022)

Reducing delayed transfer of care in older people: A qualitative study of barriers and facilitators to shorter hospital stays (Smith et al, 2022)

Learning from patient experiences of projection imaging through the use of online feedback platforms (Preston and Harvey-Lloyd, 2022)