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Tell Bear Your Story

Has someone helped you feel better when you were sick or needed care recently? Maybe a doctor, a nurse, or someone special? Bear is here to help you sharing your story and for everyone to hear all about it!

If you want, you can tell everyone on Care Opinion what it was like. Sharing your experience can help others feel brave and strong too! It can make things better for everyone. Your story will help other children know what to expect. And it might help the doctors, nurses or other helpers make things better.

You can say:

  • Why you needed to be looked after
  • Where you had to go
  • What you liked about it
  • What you did not like about it!

If you have a great idea on anything they could change to make it better, you can add that too!

Keeping you safe online

To keep you safe online, please don’t put your real name in your story.

How old do you have to be?

It doesn't matter how old you are, Bear would love to hear from you. You might need a grown up to help you. If you are 12 or under, please ask your grown up if it is OK to put a story on Care Opinion.

What will Care Opinion do with your story?

After you put your story on Care Opinion, we will check it, then put it on the website. Then everyone can read it. How fantastic!

If you accidentally put your real name in we will take it out. Don't worry, we won't share your real name or email with anyone.

We will tell the hospital or clinic about your story on our website. It might make them smile, and it might help them think how to make things better for the next little bear who visits them.

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They might even reply to your story on Care Opinion, so you know you have really made a difference.

Information for grown-ups

Care Opinion is the UK’s leading independent online feedback service for health and social care in the UK. It is a non-profit social enterprise.

Our mission is to carry the experiences of patients into the heart of health and care services.

More about Care Opinion

And Care Opinion isn't just for children! You can share your own stories too.