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Bite size videos on common tasks


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At Care Opinion we want to help our subscribers to get the most out of their feedback by taking full advantage of our advanced features. That's why we created this 'How-To' page of helpful videos!

Whether you are a subscription manager trying to keep your subscription members up-to-date, or a member of staff wanting to create your own beautiful visualisations; this is the page for you.

These short snappy videos just a few minutes long and are the first in a growing series designed to help you to get the most out of using Care Opinion.   

Click on the title to access the videos.

  • How to respond on Care Opinion 
  • This video takes you through the steps of how to respond to a story on the Care Opinion site.

    If you need help with writing a response, you can find more information here.

  • Kiosk Mode
  • Kiosk mode is a storytelling page which can be used for any chosen service in your subscription. Kiosk mode doesn't require a login and is a great option for gathering feedback in public places, with tablets or with help from volunteers. This video tells you how to create a kiosk mode story page that will be directly linked to the single service you chose.

  • How to create an invitation link
  • Invitation links are specific links which are pre-tagged to your service. You can share this link when asking for feedback about a specific service. There are lots of ways to personalise the link too. Click on the title above to see how to create one to share with others.

       Get more help with using invitation links here.

  • How to freeze and unfreeze members
  • There are times when members may be away from their role but they will return and you wish to freeze their membership. By freezing their membership, they will remain on the subscription, but won't receive email alerts from the site, stopping their inbox from filling up. You can then unfreeze the member upon their return, and their original alerts will remain in place and email alerts will begin again.

    Get more help with managing your subscription here.

  • Creating alerts
  • You may only wish to receive an email alert about a story within your service area, or about a specific treatment. 

    You can personalise what stories you are alerted to by setting up an "alert". You can set up as many alerts as you like. Setting these up can feel complex so this video explains the process simply and easily.

    Get more help with alerts here.

  • Creating visualisations and running reports
  • As we know our stories are a valuable sources of information. See how to create content which captures words and trends across the stories in your subscription.

    Get more help with reports & visualisations here.

  • Changing your email address
  • Things change and so do email addresses. This video shows you how quick and easily this can be done.

  • Adding, removing or editing members
  • When looking after a subscription managing the members is a key part of the role.  Our video quickly shows you how easy this is to do.

    Get more help with managing your subscription here.