Care Opinion How-To Videos

At Care Opinion we want to help our subscribers to get the most out of their feedback by taking full advantage of our advanced features. That's why we created this 'How-To' page of helpful videos!

Whether you are a subscription manager trying to keep your subscription members up-to-date, or a member of staff wanting to create your own beautiful visualisations; this is the page for you.

Making the most of Care Opinion

Being able to search for a specific set of stories is essential for all site users. These videos show you how to use the search function to create groups of stories that meet a certain criteria, and then analysing those stories with reports and visualisations, as well as being alerted to any similar stories in the future.

Getting started with searching

This video covers how you can search for stories from specific services, or from specific types of services.

Using advanced search features

Care Opinion stories have lots of data attached to them as 'tags' which tell you what the story is about. You can use these tags as search terms to find stories that share a particular theme.

Creating alerts, searches, and reports

This video will show you how you can save searches you have created for future use, set alerts for similar stories in the future, and generate reports to let you understand the themes behind your feedback.

Creating visualisations

This video shows you how to turn your story data into interactive graphics you can share with other people, and use them to explore your feedback.

Managing your subscription members

Managing your Care Opinion subscription is easy when you know how. These short videos show you how to add, remove, or temporarily suspend people from your subscription. You can see at a glance who has been alerted to a particular story, as well as run a report on who has been receiving, reading, and responding to stories.

Add members to your subscription

We love new subscription members!

Temporarily freeze a member of your subscription

This video shows you how you can suspend access for someone without removing their account.

Remove a user from your subscription

All good things must come to an end sometimes. This is how you remove someone from your subscription.

See who has been alerted to a story

If you would like to check that a story has been sent to the right people, this is a good way to do it.

Create a report on your members' activity

It is a worthwhile activity to regularly review who is receiving stories, and who is responding. It will let you spot if someone isn't getting alerts, or celebrate those 'CO heroes' wherever they may be.


At Care Opinion we don't want anybody to be excluded from giving their feedback, which is why we also take feedback through the post and over the phone. This section shows you how to find videos in British Sign Language on Care Opinion.

Accessing BSL resources on Care Opinion

Sharing your Care Opinion feedback with others

Increasing the visibility of your Care Opinion feedback is a great way to demonstrate that you are listening, as well as raise awareness within your organisation of Care Opinion. We hope that seeing your feedback will encourage your colleagues to use Care Opinion too. As well as our beautiful widgets we have designed some very handsome email signatures - please choose one which applies to you and show off that you're a Care Opinion superstar.

Stories on Care Opinion are already public and free to use under what is called a Creative Commons licence. What that means is that if it is on Care Opinion it is already 'out there' and you can go ahead and share it on social media or internally with your colleagues. In fact, we want as many people to hear our stories as possible! The more that people know that you are listening, the more people will want to tell you their story, so the more feedback you share, the more feedback you will get.

If you have colleagues that are interested in using Care Opinion data and would like direct access through an API, they can find out about this here.

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