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Customise your service pages


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Service pages can be customised so that they are more helpful for site users, as well as looking brighter.

Example of a custom service page

Before you start

Before you start, you need to understand how your services are listed on Care Opinion. We normally list services in a hierarchy. A service will be part of some service above it, and may have more services below it.

For example, a hospital will be below the trust or health board which manages it. The hospital will have wards, clinics or departments within it. These come below the hospital.

In our listing, the trust or health board is the "parent" of the hospital. The wards, clinics or departments are the "children" of the hospital. When you customise a service page, your changes may affect a number of service pages lower in the tree (i.e. "descendant" services).

What can be customised?

On each service page, there are currently three properties which can be customised:

  • the image
  • a service description
  • an additional link

Before you start customising your own services, none will have any custom content.

When you add some custom content, it will be inherited by children, grandchildren and so on. So if you add an image to your "top level" service, it will appear on all your service pages.

If you then add a different image at a "lower" level, that will be used by all pages from there down. In this way, you can get all your services looking the way you want without too much effort.

Getting started

The best way to learn is to get started! To begin, go to your subscription page.

Open the panel for your active subscription and select the "service page customisation" area:

Start customising your service pages here

If you are able to customise your service pages, follow the link to your top-level service page, which will open in "customise" view.

You will be able to customise service pages only if:

  • Your subscription has access to this feature
  • Your subscription has some linked services
  • You are an administrator for the subscription

Understanding the "customise this service" page