How we involve providers in moderation

We moderate all stories we receive on Care Opinion, in line with our moderation principles.

Once we have approved a story for publication, it is published immediately if it relates only to publicly owned providers, eg NHS, local authority, health & social care partnership.

If the story relates to privately owned providers, eg independent care homes, general practices, we email the care providers what the story is about. We allow them a choice: go ahead and publish, or request that the story is restricted.

Why we do this

Go ahead and publish?

If a care provider chooses Go ahead and publish, the story appears on Care Opinion for everyone to read, and we send alerts to relevant organisations (providers, commissioners, regulators, scrutiny organisations).

The care provider and other relevant organisations can then respond on Care Opinion, again for everyone to read. (See how this looks)

Request restriction?

If a care provider chooses Request restriction, they must tell us why they believe the story should be restricted. Sometimes providers raise significant legal reasons why a story should be restricted.

We may refuse the request to restrict. In that case, the story will be published as normal.

We may accept the request to restrict. In that case, the story appears on Care Opinion as restricted. Everyone can see the story is there, but will not be able to see what it says. (See how this looks)

Even though you cannot read the story, you can see which provider restricted it, and the reason they gave. A provider cannot alter a restricted story, or post any responses to it.

When a story is restricted, we still send email alerts to relevant organisations to let them know it has been restricted, and why. They will be able to read the story.

What if the provider doesn't respond?

Care Opinion allows 72 hours for a provider to respond to a request for a decision. If we don't receive a response, our system assumes there is no objection to publication.

Who can see a restricted story?

A restricted story can be seen by staff of “public interest bodies” registered on Care Opinion, such as the Care Quality Commission, the Care Inspectorate, or the local authority.

You can see which public interest bodies can read a restricted story on the story page itself.

We send emails to staff of public interest bodies to let them know about a restricted story, and they can post a comment on Care Opinion to say what action they are taking.