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Email signatures

This is a great way to tell the world: your colleagues and anyone else you come into contact with that stories shared through Care Opinion are important to you!

We've created these email signatures especially for you.  They're simple to download and include at the bottom of all your emails, in your email signature. 

Choose the signature that's right for you.

  • Receive feedback means you get emails directly from Care Opinion to alert you to stories share about services that are important to you;
  • Respond to stories means you respond to stories directly via Care Opinion
  • Share stories online means you share stories you read on Care Opinion via social media, eg Twitter, Facebook, which raises awareness

Use this image, if you receive feedback. 

receive feedback

Use this image, if you receive feedback and respond to stories.

receive, respond

Use this image, if you receive feedback, respond to stories and share stories online.

receive, respond, share

Use this image, if you receive feedback and share stories online

Image title

If you need help or if anything is unclear, please just get in touch.