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Tenth Day of Christmas


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'On the tenth day of Christmas Care Opinion gave to me, Stories of teamwork and empathy to see. From nurses to therapists, a harmony, Patients' gratitude, heartfelt and free."

Working Together

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Visiting hospitals or clinics can often be an overwhelming experience, but the dedication and professionalism of the staff play a pivotal role in making it easier. Many of the heartfelt stories shared on Care Opinion are written by people who want to say a huge 'Thank you'! to the staff and let them know what a difference they made to their experience.

Patients frequently highlight the positive difference made by friendly staff who take time to explain things carefully, underscoring the importance of teamwork. From receptionists and pharmacists to play therapists, nurses, consultants, radiographers, and numerous others, each role is integral.

For instance, in the story called 'A Happy Place,' Benyb74 bravely shared their journey of overcoming addiction and finding support. They’re really honest about how nervous they were about getting help and support and they show what a massive difference one person can make, in this case their keyworker, who made them feel “relaxed and positive” about the changes they were making. It’s a really heartening story, and it’s lovely to think that this authors story will be shared with their keyworker through Care Opinion.

Although most of the services that use Care Opinion are patient facing, there are also many services that don’t see patients ‘face to face’ but are vital to the patient’s care journey. NHS 24 is a great example of this, demonstrated in Wend63s story where they described how crucial these interactions are to a positive experience for the patient. Wend63 narrates a seamless journey through NHS 24 to local ‘Out of Hours’ services, which can only be achieved through excellent teamwork, and it’s lovely that at Care Opinion we get to share this patient’s experience with staff!

Brilliant teamwork doesn’t just happen in the background however, as Edinburgh Man explains in their story. The relationship between staff was clearly observed, which in the author’s own words, made patients feel safe and supported. He then went on to say: “A great sense of team work and support for each other as staff. Never letting anyone fail or a patient go without whatever they needed.” This story really stands out as it describes perfectly how it affects a patient’s experience of what is likely a very worrying time in their lives.

In these stories and many others on Care Opinion, we witness the strength of teamwork in health and social care. You can read some further examples below:

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This insightful quote by Phil Jackson beautifully captures the essence of teamwork:

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” 

Phil Jackson

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