"MEHT A&E poor care "

About: Broomfield Hospital

I was admitted to a&e majors with clinical signs of sepsis and unexplained profuse vomiting/diarrhoea, varied consciousness and cold peripheries. The sepsis pathway was not recognised or followed by the a&e nurses or escalated at any point to a doctor. Fluids and paracetamol were eventually put up 2 hours later. It took 2.5 hours for antisickness to be given although I had vomited 9 litres of fluid in 3 hours and became severely dehydrated. No substantial pain relief was given although I practically begged 3 separate nurses to help me due to the excruciating pain. Each said they would come back with pain relief and did not. The IV also stopped running ten minutes in and one nurse in particular refused to come in and flush the line as she said it was working fine. This meant I was not getting the treatment I needed.

Eventually I was given oramorph which clearly I could not keep down. I was not given anything to settle my pain IM or IV.

During hand over the same nurse discussed my pain score and laughed and said “this one is a score 9/10, I don’t think so!”.

I was also barrier nursed due to the sickness and vomiting and only two staff members followed infection prevention procedures during my stay on a&e and AMU. Blood pressure machines were brought into my room and back out again without being cleaned and the HCA didn’t wash her hands or wear gloves or an apron. I was confirmed norovirus at this point.

Being in hospital is a scary time for anyone no matter what age. I am appalled by the treatment I received in MEHT A&E and the infection prevention adherence overall. I was not kept informed of my treatment and what was going on and I now understand why older people are terrified of being admitted to hospital. I would also like to add that I was admitted at 5pm and was not offered a jug of water until 9am the following day. I was not nil by mouth. Luckily I am young and had family there to support me and ensure I was well looked after.

Story from nhs.uk