"A&E is a JOKE "

About: The Royal Liverpool University Hospital

Came in by ambulance with my 75 year old parent who has chronic COPD, extensive nerve damage from spinal surgery and admitted due to heart being in AF. This is second visit in 3wks for same problem.

Sat in A&E on a HARD CHAIR for 17 hour's, is now in extreme pain, to be left sitting in a chair this long is abhorrent.

Had cannula fitted 6 hours ago and still no IV drip attached.

My sister just this minute rang hospital to ask what's happening. The nurse, whose training obviously did not include how to mute the phone, was heard talking to her colleague "I've got some woman here kicking off wanting to know what we're doing" she was soon overly apologetic when my sister assured her she wasn't kicking off but asking a question. The nurse only apologised because she had been overheard.

Still sitting here in this hell hole coming up to 18 hours now.... AN ABSOLUTE JOKE OF A PLACE

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