"Not happy tobe leaving a loved one..."

About: Melton Mowbray Hospital

What could be improved

I entered the ward to hear a buzzer sounding , I asked for my Grandfather's room and after being directed I realised it was his alarm sounding as he was in the toilet needing attention.There were 2 nurses in view one was sat at the desk doing something on a computer whilst the other one was hurriedly trying to get an elderly gentleman back to his bed so that she could then attend my Grandfather. Needless to say this was not an easy task. She then managed to attend to my Grandfather after him being waiting there for at least 10 minutes.

When he came out he told me that he had already waited 30 minutes just to get someone to help in there in the first place.

The nurse who attended to him was in no way to blame for this , she was rushed off her feet ,not only aiding the patients but also serving drinks and food and then clearing away afterwards.I am absolutely astounded that more staff were not in attendance and that so many tasks are shared between the few that are especially with the amount of people who are supposedly seeking work in this country. At one point I thought I was in the RSPCA as a dog came walking by on a lead with his owner looking so proud that he was bringing the dog to see his 'mum'? I don't suppose for one moment they sanitised the dogs paws as we humans are supposed to sanitise our hands on arrival and departure. The wall displays looked great with regards to hygiene standards but with a dog in the wards just counter acted the whole cleanliness ethos which was cleverly advertised. 4 staff to 17 patients we were told, this is just outrageous!

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