"My Maternity Experience"

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Horrid! The hospital discovered my son had gone to toilet inside me at my arrival at the hospital. They still left me in labour for over 20hours! I only got to 4cm dilated. They then rushed me in for an emergency c-sec where I lost over 2litres of blood. I was given a blood transfusion the next day but the blood was being pumped into the tissue in my arm rather than the vein as the doctor did not put the cannula in properly. I was then discharged three days later even though I had weeping from my c-sec wound. I was home a day when my c-sec wound popped back open on either side and started to ooze a foul smelling puss. I was rushed back to hospital. I was seen by numerous doctors all of which had a different opinion on how I should be treated.... At no time the did doctors work together on my case to come to a unanimous decision. I would often see one doctor in the morning who would tell me I need to be opened back up and was not to eat nothing all day, I would then see a different doctor in the evening who told me I didn't need surgery and they could continue with anti-biotics. So I was trying to recover from major surgery and fight infection all whilst going some days without eating?! On one occasion a midwife handed my dressings and gloves to change my own dressing?! I had a doctor stick a large cotton bud into my c-sec wound without warning before hand of what she was going to do or offering any pain relief. The same doctor also cut my wound back open whilst I had nothing but gas and air, she then wrote up a prescription for pethidine but because the midwives were changing over they left my screaming down the ward for over an hour! In total this hospital has made me lose my entire faith in the NHS, has scared me into never having another child and to be totally honest ruined my experience of having my first child. I would never recommend this hospital to anyone and I am in the process of making a formal complaint!

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