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My granfather fell and banged his head, we think, on Friday morning and was taken to PRU by ambulance, even though QE is closest! We are still waiting in EAU in an isolated room to find out where he will go and what is the planned treatment! No one seems to know anything. Mum got a call sunday telling her to come to hospital cos we have to make descision, well we all rushed up in a pannic to find his visitors stood outside the room crying. So we tried to talk to a doc, 4 hours later after many attempts, we finaly had a doctor come to the room. We saw a female doc, looking very hacked off, confused, tried to explane progress so far but failed misserably, basically telling us there is no news! Why did she call us then, unnesessary distress!! They said they have been trying to transfer him to Kings, but in the next breath, they are waiting for senior consultants to review his brain scans, then hes being transfered to Queens, then s'nt Thomas's, i have no idea whats going on! When we first walked in EAU we were redirected by a porter into a closed ward, were a half naked old lady was holding urine in a bowl trying to beken a nurse to her aid. The toilets were filthy, i had to wash to toilet seat with soap before letting my 4 yr old daughter to use it. Theres used handwipes all over floor and bins are full to overflowing. The floor in the ward is rotten, remnents of some brown spillage , dried on! Most nurses were plesent, taking time to stop and amuse kids for a little while, but one particularly rude one, rolling her eyes when we raised an issue with his drip. Turnover of EAU is meant to be 48 hours, but its now 120 hours later! Im very concerned he isnt being cared for properly, he needs to be in Neurology ASAP but no one seams to care.

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