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(as the patient),

I originally went to A&E and was asked about the nature of the problem by a nurse at the front desk, when I explained that I had some cuts that probably need to be stitched she said that it was better to go to the Urgent Care Centre. So I booked in at the Urgent Care Centre, filled in the form and waited.

When I was called I went to the room and explained the situation to the Doctor, who then launched into a lecture about how 'naughty' it is to cut and how I should be old enough to realise that it is wrong. She then said 'ah, you live in a flat...alone, hmm...no one to have you? ' Then began a rant about how I should get married and then everything will be better, but that no one would marry someone that did this so I need to stop. She then asked 'what medication do you take? ' I explained that I don't take anything...this took her several minutes to comprehend then said 'no, no that is no good. Ask your Doctor for some medication. She asked what I did with my time I explained that I work again she seemed unable to grasp that concept and repeatedly asked doesn't that affect your benefits? You mean voluntary work? A couple of hours?' she flat out refused to believe that I have a full time paid job.

Eventually she got round to asking to see the cuts that I was there for in the first place. Then gave me a lecture about how it isn't her job to do this kind of thing and that I should have seen a nurse so I was wasting her time. I tried to explain that I hadn't asked to see any type of professional in particular I just filled in the form that I was given and went to the room I was told to go to. She then got up and left the room without explanation, leaving the door open. I understand that it is normal to leave doors open but she could have given me a chance to pull up my trousers. She returned with a roll of bandage, handed it to me and told me to "put the bandage" - when I said that I didn't understand she said "put the bandage on your leg". As there was 2 different cuts in 2 different places I asked where and she said "on your leg". At that point I requested to speak to someone else. She asked if I was upset and when I repeated that I wanted to talk to someone else she said "no, no. I have not upset you. " I said again that I wanted to see someone else and she replied she would put the bandage on. I walked out of the room and she followed me down the corridor bandage in hand saying that she would do it.

I spoke to the receptionist who was very nice and very helpful who said that he would arrange for me to see the nurse. About 20 mins later I was called into see the nurse. I explained the situation and she asked to look. On seeing the cuts she said that it was good that I waited but that I would have to go to A&E because they did need stitches and there was no one that was able to do that at the Urgent Care Centre. She was very polite and apologetic. She dressed the cuts and wrote a letter to give to the Triage nurse in A&E.

So I went back and booked into A&E about 3hours after I got there in the first place. I saw the triage nurse who read the letter and looked at the cuts and agreed that they would need stitches. I waited and saw a Doctor in minors. He didn't even look at the cuts but asked why I was there as the Doctor said it was fine, they then said they would not do anything. A few minutes later 2 people in a light grey tops (not sure what job they do? ) came in with dressings. One of them looked and then left to check that they were just supposed to be putting dressings on and came back with Steri-Strips. The Doctor then came back and looked over and said "well just do what you can then" before leaving again.

I eventually left A&E several hours later still unsure if there had been any point in asking anyone at all to check it over. On the advice of the Psychiatrist I usually see I made a complaint...to which there was never any response.

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Response from University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

Hi Lorien,

Thank you for taking the time to leave your comments. We are very sorry to hear that you felt dissatisfied with your experience in the Urgent Care Centre.

We highly value all feedback, good and bad, as this allows us to continually improve our services. We would like the opportunity to review your concerns with you as we take matters like this very seriously. If this is something you would like to arrange, please contact me on kim.wilding@lcchs.nhs.uk

Kind regards

Kim Wilding

Urgent Care Centre Manager

**The Urgent Care Centre, based at Leicester Royal Infirmary, is managed by George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust**

Update posted by Lorien (the patient)

Thank you for your response and further email contact.

The changes that you have highlighted since this took place certainly seem helpful. I appreciate that you took the time to investigate this.

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