"Lots of problems with my GP surgery"

About: NHS Nene CCG

(as the patient),

Firstly, in my encounters with some receptionists at Maple Access Surgery, I have found them very rude and unaware of what confidentiality means. Taking into consideration that the reception is an open plan, they ask for details such as what patients are there for with a intimidating voice and things such as your name, address and DOB while other people in the lounge are listening. Many patients there are foreigners and English is not their first language, as a regular patient there I was terrified each time I heard this person shouting at them.

Secondly, the doctors I have seen there seem not to have been specialised in anything other than prescribing "pain relief" medication each time you go. In my experience, they started with over the counter medication all the way to similar meds and double up the dose if I complained that the illness hadn't gone away.

Thirdly, I feel that if I don't scream and shout at them I will never be taken seriously. They deal with vulnerable people who can't make their own decisions, such as drug abusers, the question is, if I, who usually queries about my prescriptions and pick mistakes almost all the time, what about those vulnerable patients who they are dealing with?

1. I never got a referral even though there was nothing else they could do for me. I just continued to get pain relief.

2. I once asked for referral after developing serious complications. After a big argument with the doctors and numerous calls to the surgery I was told that they must have a meeting and decide whether to refer me and that was NHS procedure. Ha,ha, ha and my condition worsened.

3. Simple instructions from consultants of how to prepare a patient for a surgery weren't followed! I worried once that the member of staff dealing with me didn't understand what they were being asked to administer, "marvellous"... So I had to wait till they found out and it took two days to find out.

4. In my case, there was very little follow up procedure, I feel if I didn't ask then the would never tell me things such as blood test etc when the tests are back and with concerns from the lab I found I would never know unless I called and asked.

5. In my opinion, Doctors have tended to avoid me when I have kept calling asking for something which they don't know.

6. I was astonished today when I received a call from the surgery and been told that since I had an operation and have clips to be removed, then I have to bring my own Clip Remover so I started ringing every NHS line to ask for this "tool"! All I heard is some departments staff who heard what I said started laughing finding it so funny, I found it funny too but seriously and I consider myself to not have GP as I have lost confidence and trust on their services and I will not go back there again! !

I've been pushed away so many times by the surgery and this is like a nail in the coffin, I hope I will find a service where I can have my clips removed. I had a one to one with a lead GP and I was shocked by some of their words, I thought I was talking to one of his patients and not a Doctor.

I think someone needs to look into this surgery and investigate it. They deal with vulnerable who I suspect just do what they tell them to do and if they come across a patient who is very inquisitiv, like I am, I feel it's met with defensiveness.

Something is wrong there.

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