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About: Royal Cornwall Hospital (Treliske)

Anything else?

Disappointing, awful, unnecessary and down right ridiculous. Where do I start?

Arriving on the SRU ward, due to lack of beds on the medical side, it was soon decided surgery was the best thing forward. I agreed, as how do you question 'highly qualified surgeons' and their diagnosis or advised. So, as everyone going under the knife has to, I signed the dotted line, without knowing the atrocities that were about to come.

Consultant/ Doctor care

One might believe, or the NHS might call me ignorant in my assuming so, that after surgery you see the doctor that treated you again, should you have questions post surgery, and not be met by an arrogant consultant who has no idea of your previous care.

Same consultant who, when I addressed my fears of being discharged that day, as I was unable to eat, drink, still showed symptoms of the illness that first brought me into the hospital, after my operation, symptoms that were meant to have been cured, shouted at me that regardless of my concerns I had to go home, as he needed the bed and my care came second to that.

I wish I would have been informed of that, when I signed the dotted line agreeing to surgery. There should be a note in bold letters: Care post operation subject to bed availability. Be aware!

I would have thought twice then.

Same consultant who, visiting me after 12 hours, that same day realized they were over drugging me with opiates to the point of me being unable to open my eyes and recognize even my husband, argued to my husband, when my husband questions my current state of health, that he was the only medical staff available on the ward to make the decision that I had been over drugged, even though, throughout that same day, I had been seen by another doctor, after my request that I was not ready to leave the hospital and a number of nurses, who did not find it as a sign of concern that I was unable to open my eyes when communicating, I had a jittery jaw and showed signs of extreme lethargy.

Something else to go on the dotted line: Unless the consultant is available to see to you, your care is highly compromised as no other doctor is qualified to make a medical decision or give a diagnosis!

Nurses care

What a shame! You arrive at hospital with the hope that you can get better quickly and get to your family. And you hope that the people who are there, are meant to help you through the process and help care for you.

It's sad to see that is not the case on any level, at least not in this ward.

There is constant bickering between the staff in front of patients, there is no communication between the nurses and the staff and with the exception of a 2 nurses I encountered during my 1 week stay, the other nurses are there just for the gossip, sharing their holiday plans or their latest love affair. None of which are helpful when one finds themselves in extreme pain and requires attention and care.

TBC as the NHS does allow enough room to write your concerns

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