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In January I gave birth to my first son.The care I received at the postnatal word was absolutely disgusting! Out of the whole time I was in hospital ( 5 days) during my labour and birth ( emergency c-section) the worst part by far was the second night after the birth when I stayed in that word by myself with the baby. The first night my mum stayed with me (after a long discussion between my husband and the head midwife she allowed my mum to stay). I was numbed after the operation and knew I won’t be able to take care of my baby and after being in the antenatal word where the midwives where not eager to help I didn’t want to risk it and I wanted to be sure I will receive help so I was glad my mum stayed with me.

On the second night the midwives wouldn’t let my mum stay. They said she wasn’t needed because they are there to help me, they said “don’t worry we are here to help you” which I found out was a lie. I thought to myself fair enough, with the help of the midwifes I will be able to take care of my baby as I was able to slowly move around even though the pain after the operation was almost unbearable. I will never forget that night! The midwives were so rude and unhelpful! My baby was crying and when I buzzed for help it took them more than 15 minutes to come and ask what I wanted. When I asked them to pass my baby to me so I can feed him I was told that I have to do it by myself because” no one at home will do it for me!!! “The midwives were rude not only to me, I heard them arguing with other ladies that were there with me. One midwife was shouting at one of the woman for not feeding the baby correctly! (Instead of explaining and showing how to do it) After that I was too scared to ask them for any advice or help so I tried to do everything by myself which cost me lots of stress because as a first time mum there was lots of things I didn’t know how to do i.e. how to change nappy. Towards the morning I dared to buzz for help. I breastfeed my baby but he was still hungry and cried so I needed to top him up with some formula. I asked the midwife if she could bring me some formula I had in the fridge. She spent over five minutes “lecturing” me how busy they are and that I can bring that formula myself she then left me with no help! Clearly she had the time to shout at me when in that time she could have gone twice to the fridge and back again with my formula. I wish I knew her name because no one has ever spoken to me in that way. I only know that later she was discharging woman from the word on 20.01.13. . During the day the midwife forgot about my painkillers so I slowly walked to the reception and asked for it she then laughed saying “ ow I thought I had already given them to you.”

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