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I was initially transferred to Blackburn from Burney eye clinic to get a CT scan. After waiting over 2 hours for ambulance transport they agreed to let me take my own transport which I had asked to do from the very beginning.

As I left Burnley I was told that someone from the department that does CT scans was awaiting my arrival and would know what to do, all I had to do was go into the urgent care department and hand in my notes.

Upon arriving nobody had any idea of why I was there, I was seen by a triage nurse who was very polite then left to wait in the urgent care waiting room for 4 hours. I was then taken to a cubicle to see a doctor who was also extremely confused as to why I was there and why I would need a CT scan. He put a cannula in my arm and took some blood, then came back half an hour later to tell me that whoever my doctor from Burnley had spoken to had not passed on the message to anyone that I was arriving, and that I was to now wait for someone to take me upstairs.

I then waited another 2 hours for someone to literally walk me around the corner and up a flight of stairs, where I should have been taken to straight away over 6 hours earlier. I was assigned to a bed and told the doctor would be with me, a further 2 hours later I decided to go looking for someone to ask.

The nurse in question who I spoke to was extremely rude and condescending, she told me that in fact I was booked in for an overnight stay and that I would probably get my CT scan sometime tomorrow. I tried to explain to her that id been waiting in the hospital for now over 10 hours with no idea what was going on, 2 oversights by the doctors and that I had no battery left on my phone to contact anyone to let them know where I was. To which she replied word for word “Well no one knows they’re coming here so everyone is how they are, the doctors over in Burnley don’t work here do they, you don’t work here do you, you have no idea how this works so you’re staying overnight and that's that”, to which she walked away from me.

At this point I was extremely upset and found another nurse who was very nice to me and took my cannula out of my arm and told me that if I wished to go home I could contact my doctors the next day to book a CT scan at a later date.

I can honestly say that I have never seen such a lack of communication, how this hospital ever gets anything done is beyond me. I have never been made to feel less like I mattered. I only wish I had managed to get the nurses name who was rude to me after I was completely calm with her, but seen as making a grown woman cry then walking off is how they chose to deal with patients I have no intention of ever going back there.

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