"85 year old left with a broken arm for 4 days."

Anything else?

My 85 year old mother fell at home and broke her arm in mid March 2013. The ambulance headed for the nearest hospital - Farnborough/"PRUH". Members of her family phoned for hours to find out how she was. We repeatedly got a recorded message, we'd hold for up to 20 minutes at a time, then someone would pick the phone up and put in down again, ending the call. Hours later when we finally got through I was told my mother was in Medical Ward 3. When I got through to the ward, I was told she was fine, she was stable, going to the fracture clinic in the morning and that family could visit between certain hours. Arriving at the hospital the next day, I was told it was closed to new admissions because of infection. It turned out my mother had never even been admitted to Farnborough Hospital. The ambulance had been re-directed to another hospital right across London. The Hospital and Medical Ward 3 had simply made up the whole story. She had to go all the way to Lewisham hospital who X=rayed this 85 year old lady, told her she was fine and sent her home alone at 10.30pm. Lewisham phoned her 4 days later to say "Come back in" - turned out her arm was broken and they'd missed it earlier. Shame on both of these hospitals.

Would either hospital please like to reply and explain what happened and how we can place any trust in either of them.

Story from NHS Choices

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