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(as the patient),

I had a gastric band put in several 7 years ago that didn't work correctly so when I needed a gallbladder operation about 2 years ago it was to be taken out at the same time and I was told I would be getting a gastric bypass. On the day of my surgery, 20 minutes before my surgery I was told I would get a gastric sleeve instead and that if this didn't work for me I would get surgery later to change it to a gastric bypass.

My weight is going up due to the gastric sleeve not working for me and my health not allowing me to excercise much. I have asked to have the second part of my operation to make it a full gastric bypass but I am not getting anywhere with the surgeons as I am having to deal with the same people who changed my operation to a gastric sleeve in the first place.

I have gone through the Official complaints procedure with the Ombudsman and the same situation has come about that the word of the surgeons is how they make their decision instead of someone not related to the decision.

I am now being told I have to have more Dietary advice from a nutritionist even though I have had this over and over again for 12 years. I know the only thing that would make me lose weight is to have the full gastric bypass surgery and get it over and done with instead of the health professionals dragging out my wait longer and longer. My bmi is 44 (very obese) and I am heavier than I was at any of the two times that I was approved for bariatric surgery in the past.

I want to get back to doing the things that I am missing out on and to work and not slowly getting fatter and more unhealthy 'till I cost the nhs more in the future.

I only require the second part of the operation now to full gastric bypass and it should be done as soon as possible to have the success that I know a lot of people have had with the gastric bypass and don't get so much with just the gastric sleeve.

I currently have a hiatus hernia and this will require surgery anyway and so can be done at the same time as the conversion to gastric bypass.

I just want the NHS to look at my experience and correct it to give me the best outcome which I will work with to ensure that best results.

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