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"My fathers appalling treatment at NGH"

About: Northampton General Hospital (Acute) / General medicine Northampton General Hospital (Acute) / Older people's healthcare

(as the patient),

My father was admitted to A&E on the 1st of July last week. He has Lewy Body Dementia, and he had had a fall. The staff in A&E were just not interested and the only nurse to talk to us was the training nurse; the doctor did not talk to us at all.

At 2.30am on Wed 2nd July, dad was put on to the AEU ward where the nurse there actually spoke to my father. We left at 3am and returned around 11 am to find out that dad was to be discharged to Princess Marina Hospital (PMH). So from 12 noon we waited for an ambulance to transport him, and at 5 pm it finally arrived.

Had we not been on the ward, dad would not have been fed or given fluids as he was dehydrated the night before and had a drip put in. Once at PMH, who did not know dad was coming to them, they could not take dad on the ward as they thought he was too poorly and needed medical treatment. So with my father becoming agitated, we waited and waited for Drs to discuss dad. Then off we went back to NGH, only to find we had to start the whole A&E process again.

My father was still lying flat and still had no fluids, so its 7.30 and we are in A&E. My mum is very upset as well as my father, we wait and wait. Oh and around 9ish the same staff as previous night appear to call dad a failed discharge. We try to tell the nurse that my father may have dementia but still should have respect and treated with dignity, all to no avail. I wonder, should some of the nurses really be nurses at all.

Dad transferred to Holct ward, where at least the staff treat dad with the dignity he so deserves.

No Dr been to even see my father, on the Friday we are still asking to speak to a doctor. After 3 hours we speak to a house Dr, who had not seen dad that day. He said no infection and that dad may never walk again and to think about nursing home even though dad had been walking up until the fall. That evening we learn that dad did have a chest infection and was started on antibiotics, he also had a drip up to give him fluids.

Sat and Sunday dad now refusing to eat or drink, we have asked to speak to a Dr or the consultant. Will have to wait until Monday and we have to phone to make an appointment! In the meantime, my father is still lying no one has even tried to get him out of bed and we are being told that dad should not be on the ward. Well today we have asked to see or speak to a Dr, rang the consultant’s secretary 2 times and still no one has even bothered to see my father. The notes have not been written up since five days ago and we learnt the DNR was on his notes. Surely someone should discuss this with the family before playing god. All we have asked for is a Dr to see and check my father over, is he in pain? Can someone please tell us just how do we get a Dr to see my father and discuss with his family. The nurses have been bleeping the Dr from 2pm and to no avail.

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