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I was horrified at the level of care I revieved on the birth of my twins. King Georges told me I had to go to Queens as I was considered high risk due to an eptopic heartbeat and also I was having a multiple birth, and due to this I would need a large team around me at the birth. I was admitted at 5am and untill 9pm when my fantastic midwife finished her shift I had fantastic care and support. But from 9pm onwards my new midwife was barely in the room even though my BP was very high, my body was swelling which they put down to an allergic reaction to rubber - of which was completey wrong and my epidural had come lose so hence was no longer working. I was sick eight times and not once was the midwife present and I was in agony as I had no pain reflief and on a drip to speed up my contractions, this continued untill I was rushed down for an emergency C section at 12.30am. I do consider myself to have a very high pain threshold and my way of dealing with pain is certainly not to scream and shout, but in hindsight maybe this is what I should of done. My partner was distraught as he didn't want to leave me but had no choice to keep leaving the room to get some help for me. At midnight a consultant came in and asked "why on earth have I been left in so much pain" and the decision was made that I need to be taken to theatre. Once in theatre I was told to get up and move onto another bed which was excruitiating but with the help of 1 excellent nurse it was done. Another nurse took my Bp and when I told her it was really hurting my arm she told me "not to be stupid kids have this done". I've had my BP taken many times and obviously this does not normally hurt I know that. I was left with 4 long lines of bruising around my arm. I was given a spinal block and from then on the pain stopped and after another examination the decision was made for a forcep delivery. My son was born small but ok then my daughter smaller but was taken to NICU before I saw her. My daughter was back with me after 5 days and I was in hospital a week due to high BP. I was eventually let home still with high BP but as I had no help with my babies unless I had a visitor I obviously couldn't wait to go. I believe they were extremely busy at the time of my twins birth and short staffed and whilst some of the staff were fantastic I cannot say the same for all of the staff. Basically I would never recommend anyone having a high risk birth to go to Queens.

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