"Changed into theatre gown in office!"

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A recent, planned admission to the orthopaedic ward. I was nil by mouth from the night before and was asked to attend on the day of the operation at 7am which I did. The hospital was in darkness. Three other patients were waiting outside with me as no staff had arrived. Eventually a student nurse arrived who attempted to find out where we should go.

Eventually we were shown into a large waiting room.

We were taken one by one to see the surgeon, aneasthetist and physio. Some patients were given gowns to wear. An elderley lady was told to change into her gown in the public toilet and made to sit in her theatre gown with the other patients.

After a couple of hours, half the patients were taken away....pressumably to the ward. The rest were left....and left....and left. Eventually...after about 7hours waiting, a nurse came and said we could have a glass of water due to the wait. We were walked up to the ward and sat to wait in the tv room. I was informed that my operation was the last on the list......apparently because I was fit and healthy...oh...yes.....and that at the moment "they didn'thave a bed for me" !!!!!!!

Eventually, at about 3.30pm, the porter arrived for me. I was still fully dressed and sat in the TV room. I was hurried into the Ward Sisters office to change into a theatre gown, and my belongings were stuffed into a plastic bag. I then had to walk to theatre in my gown.

Theatre staff were fantastic, no complaints there.

I was taken from theatre back to the ward.....the bed that was booked for me, still had a resident in it......I was left, on the theatre trolley on public view, half dressed, half drugged and very embarressed, until a bed could be found for me on another ward!

A bed was found, but unfortunately, the staff on the ward had no idea about the kind of surgery I had had, didn't know what the pathway was and I ended up having a row with a very nice male nurse who said I had to wait, possibly until the morning, for a prescription. I was so mad as I knew the doctor in the morning had already written me a prescription which was in my notes......grrrrrrrr. By this time I just wanted to get out of the place. I was a bit short with that poor nurse, but I did explain why, and about the day I had had. Think he was embarresed as he didn't really know how to treat me!!

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