"My son should have been showed more care at William Harvey Hospital"

About: William Harvey Hospital

(as a parent/guardian),

My Son was brought in by Ambulance the early hours one morning. He has Cystic Fibrosis and is at home on Palliative care, as he was being taken out of the Ambulance he asked to go to the toilet, I said its okay you can go as soon as you get in to A&E. Well as soon as we got in I said to a member of staff that he really needs to go to the toilet, thinking they would give him a Bottle. All they did was put incontinent pads on the bed and told him to wet himself, my son might be dying but he got so upset over this.

My daughter and myself were with him after they got him stable, and the nurse went to change the Oxygen mask he had on to one that I know does not work for him, I told them 3 times this one is no good as his Sat’s will drop to low. The nurse did not appear to be in a good mood to say the least, and said that’s the only one we use here, I said well the one you have taken off would be better for him, but they would not listen, I watched his Sat’s drop from 98 and they went down to 83. I said to the nurse and the Dr that was there how low do you want him to go, the Dr said no lower than 95, so I said well he is at 83, do you think that someone can do something please.

I am very sorry but I was not happy with this nurse and their attitude, knowing that we nearly lost my son that night and we do find it hard knowing he has not got long left with us, but this again is more reason we felt that He should have been shown more Care and Compassion as for us as a family as well.

And then to Top it we were send round to CDU ward and there was a poor old man asking to go to the Toilet and yes he was not with it bless him, but we heard a nurse speak to him in what we thought was an aggressive Tone, I felt Oh my God get my son out of here Now. I have been on CDU lots of time with my son and they have always been really nice, But this poor man in the end landed on the floor.

This night was Horrible for My Son and myself and Daughter. MY son now has said please don’t Resuscitate me again Mum as I can’t go through this again.

Since he has been home he has talked about this night and how degraded he felt having to wet himself. I am very upset as you can tell. No one should be treated this way.

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