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My son was sent to Blackburn from Burnley Urgent Care because of a nasty break & Burnley not happy stable enough with just a cast. (Accident happened: 10pm Sat, booked in: 11pm, Seen by Dr: 3.30am, X-ray done: 4am, Decision to transfer: 4.15am, got to Blackburn: 7am) Booked into ward quickly, but no one looked at his ankle until 11am. Did X-rays again, openly critisised Burnley Dr, but between 3 of them couldn't decide what to do, so finally at 4.30pm he sent home with back cast. Not fed once.

Went to clinic, same palaver again, 2 looked at him, decided not to operate, full cast on & sent home, but wanted to see him again in a week. No weight at all on leg. Went back following week, break not aligned so wanted to book in to operate. My son had not put weight on leg at all, struggled sleeping & in a lot of pain for this week. So Burnley were right all along.

He had to be admitted via day clinic & was there at 8am as requested on a Bank Holiday Monday. He waited until 3pm in clinic, on uncomfortable chairs, with nowhere to raise leg (he had been told it must be raised all the time) before being taken to ward.

Despite numerous phone calls, nobody at Blackburn could tell me where my son was. I had been told the ward number by clinic staff but that ward said they didn't have him. Finally I located him at lunchtime the following day, on the ward I was told he was on, the excuse was he didn't show on computer because of bank holiday. He still hadn't had his op.

Starved since his arrival, he finally had his op about teatime the day after admission. No one rang me once to tell me anything, & he couldn't get to phone. He asked for a phone, but they said couldn't bring one to bed. I went to pick him up at lunchtime day after op, as usual medication not there, it finally arrived about 3pm, finally took him home.

Horrified to then discover, one of us was expected to inject him in stomach to prevent thrombosis. No one had showed us how to do this.

No further problems, apart from the fact all of this happened in the snow, the bus between Burnley & Blackburn stopped running several times, & I don't drive, so had to pay for taxis to have our time wasted.

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