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My childbirth was difficult and I was in labour for 2days, everything went fine until I delivered my baby boy and suffered from about 2lt of blood loss. Doctors worked hard to save me and gave me blood transfusion. As they used forceps during delivery I had to go through episiotomy and the deep stitches were given by the registrar but then I was left with the traniee doctor who stiched me wrong and lead to infection. I ripped my stitches 3 times since then and was unable to walk for 6 months due to pain. I was a bit better and was able to look after my son when he was 8 months old but still another re-stitching was due to be done as I had a lot of scare tissue and my consultant suggested I may not be able to dilever vaginal again if not being treated. This time everything went fine but it took a whole year for me to recover.

The infection I suffered was due to the lack of care I received after giving birth. Though the stitches where not done properly the condition I was in the filthy. The midwives knew I was suffering from an infection but refused to change the bedcover saying due to hospital cuts the patients bedcovers are changed once a week. They told me off for using the buzzer to call them and advised I should walk more and come to the counter to ask anything where I was barely able to walk due to pain. My child used to cry for milk and I was unable to reach him though midwives used to come late and advised me to keep the baby next to me on the bed. The room was very cold due to some electrical work being done in the ward though there was no heater provided for the baby and he was lying with me in the same bed or in the cot shivering alone. It was really difficult for me to cope with all the pain and my child suffering along with me.

Overall my childbirth experience was satisfying only because of doctors who did not let me down after all what happened to me. Their continued support gave me hope and helped me through my recovery.However the midwives were a big disappointment, they were mean and unhelpful and even doctor cant suggest them as the wards were run by the midwives. Changes should be made in order to monitor how midwives work and the way they operate the wards. There should be set rules to make clear for both patients and midwives on what to expect from midwives under care. I also recommend that if there is shortage of staff a family member should be allowed to stay with the patient in case the patient is unable to look after the newborn themselves.

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