"Visit to my new GP: an update"

About: Nottinghamshire County Teaching PCT

(as the patient),

Today I went to my new GP at Middleton Lodge for a third time. When I entered I had already had a small amount of anxiety. The receptionist seemed tired and a little irritated. When I approached I asked for an appointment for my son. Because of the tone being used towards me, I asked if they were having a bad day. The response left me in doubts and so when they asked questions I used the same tone back and said this is how you are coming across to me, or words to that affect. I then said that she seemed to be frowning. The receptionist then started accusing me of being rude and got quite defensive. I tried to say I wasn't being rude but was spoken over. I asked for a complaints form and then the reception explained why they had looked irritated earlier. But when I tried to apologize, it wasn't accepted.

I know from my part that my interaction was not the best, and accept my observations may have been incorrect. However, I was not being intentionally rude. I was expressing observations which could have been for numerous reasons.

This is now the second time I have left the same surgery feeling upset about the whole interaction. I have made another appointment but as I have had it expressed that after four months my notes are still missing and even if they see me they can't treat me I wonder the value in going.

Even though I am advised to keep attending I wonder the value in it. I wonder is it not better to find a GP who has more understanding or is willing to treat me as though I have value; a surgery that has more staff; to the population they are attending. Where I don't leave feeling that they haven't got time to take to talk to me or get to know me.

I accept that sometimes my interactions are not always best, either due to lack of sleep, illness, pain. I know that others can have their otherwise very good interpersonal skills affected, so I don't think it's a weakness on anyone's part to say I am tired" or otherwise. It may stop the sort of interaction that I received today, as the other person has something to work with.

I feel sad that my question was perceived in that manner and that my response thereafter was not how I would have liked it to be. Again this is my interpretation of the event and I can only give my interpretation and it may not be wholly accurate.

However it has left me yet again reluctant to go to this surgery, and wondering what options are there for individuals like myself.

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