"Disgraceful at Doncaster royal infirmary"

About: Doncaster Royal Infirmary / Trauma and orthopaedics

(as the patient),

After suffering with a prolapsed disc for almost 4months i was offered seen by a specialist at the fracture and trauma clinic. I was offered an appointment to have the epidural in my back by telephone to try and relieve the pain. I immediately called my doctor as he was referring me to a neuro surgeon and upon his advise i took the appointment which was for the 14th may. I called back and spoke to the receptionist who then sent me out a letter to confirm this appointment. I then called back upon the receipt of the letter to confirm i would be attending. In the letter it stated that i must call between 7pm and 8pm to confirm i will be attending. I called the day ward which was ward 6 and i was advised to call the following day at 9.30am which was the day of my surgery. I called the ward and was advised that there was a bed for me. Upon arrival I was admitted to the ward at approx 11.30am. I was given a bed and my mum took the day off work to take me and be with me and my dad took the day off to look after my children.

Once on the ward,I was asked several questions,who my consultant was and what I was actually having done and also did the usual checks blood pressure and temperature. All the other patients had been seen by a consultant and I was rather concerned that I had not seen mine yet as it was almost 4pm so my mum asked the health care assistant what time day surgery finished because I was told by the nurse over the telephone that the last one was 4pm. At approx 5.30pm the staff nurse came over and got my notes and informed me that she was going to see what was happening. However when she came back she said to me "Catherine theres a bit of a problem" I was told that I was booked into the ward but not the theatre,theres nothing they can do and I have to go home and someone will call me. Obviously I was devastated, being in a lot of agony and traveling all the way from Worksop to Doncaster in a car is painful with a prolapsed disc.

I had called the hospital on 5 separate occasions to accept my appointment, so how on earth can i not be on the theatre list? It is absolutely appalling. I now have to wait for someone to call me regarding a future appointment. How on earth can i trust them to do surgery on my back when they cant even get it right to book me into theatre? It is disgraceful. My results of a prolapsed disc have been in the professionals hands since easter Monday and I'm still awaiting treatment.

I have no faith in the NHS whatsoever, I think this kind of treatment is disgraceful!

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