"My seizure was treated as an overdose"

About: Countess Of Chester Hospital / Accident and emergency Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust

(as the patient),

I vaguely remember waking up in a bed that I soon realised was in a hospital bed with a nurse shouting at me telling me that I had overdosed and if I didnt shut up I would be committed.

Panicking now, not knowing why I was there, not remembering anything at all, but desperately concerned about the whereabouts of my children and no one explaining to me or trying to calm me down just this nurse screaming at me. I felt so confused, frightened, asked if I could go to the toilet, this nurse just pointed in the direction of the toilets. I managed to get there slowly but ok and as I went to close the door a security guard put his foot in the way of the door and refused to let me close the door and have some privacy.

The following day I was taken to see a Dr who stated that I had suffered a seizure and it had been caused by the mixture of the medication I had been prescribed, it was not caused by an overdose.

I was then allowed to go home, no apologies, nothing. I don't remember much after that. I then awoke and was helped to the toilet. I couldn't remember where my underwear was kept or even how to turn on my computer.

Later on my CPN arrived at my house and stated that due to the mixture of anti-depressants I had suffered a seizure, because my medication had caused this, the hospital had discharged me but hadn't given me my medication back.

I was then informed that I went out and spent all my savings and then had suffered a nervous breakdown and spent the next 2 weeks in bed.

To this day I still haven't had it explained to me what a seizure is, how it is caused, or anything.

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