"Unappreciated Care at the Accident and Emergency Unit, Sunderland Royal Hospital"

About: Sunderland Royal Hospital

(as the patient),

Two years ago (Age 18) I went to a hospital in Sussex where they found a Cyst on my Ovary. Luckily it died down after several weeks of pain and didn't need surgery. However, I was warned that it could easily come back and may not die down next time.

Earlier this year (Age 20) I was terrified when I felt the agonising pain in my abdomin again. So off we went to Sunderland Royal's A+E Unit. We were rushed through very quickly due to the possible problems associated with this pain. They came to the conclusion (after hearing my previous health history) that it was my Cyst flaring up again and that it would die down on its own.

I was eventually given a large amount of heavy duty pain killers and told to come back if the painkillers didn't or stopped helping. I was also told that if I did come back they would have to admit me instantly and give me an Ultrasound to check it out. I wasn't thrilled that they hadn't actually bothered to check it out and just made assumptions based on my history, however, they are the medical professionals, so I trusted them.

Three Days later I was unable to sleep, the overly rediculous amount of painkillers I had been given were doing nothing but make me even more tired. So off we went to Sunderland again for what we hoped would be some answers and a cure.

When we got there I went into Triage and was practically ignored for the duration. I appreciate that nurses are over-worked but that is no excuse for spending half the time on her phone and the other half paying more interest to what was going on in the room next door with what turned out to be a drunk self-harmer, than listening to what exactly was wrong with me. I had to tell her, while in agony, several times what was wrong, where the pain was and what medication I had already taken. When she finally remembered I was in the room she offered me some pain killers, to which point (even though more painkillers would have been nice!) I had to remind her AGAIN that I was already on my maximum dose.

Despite what was written on my record, what I told the woman in Triage (repeatedly), the fact that I had abdominal pains that were reducing me to tears (with a full dose of painkillers inside me) and that they had no major incidents come in, I had to wait, in agony, in the waiting room for 5 hours.

Once I was finally seen, I was told that I needed to go home as there was nothing more they could do than give me more pain killers. I was not admitted as promised and yet again no investigation into what was wrong. I was given, what the doctor refurred to as "a party pack of drugs" and told to only come back if it got worse.

I spent the next 2 weeks in agony, my son missing some nursery and activities that he enjoys. I didn't see the point in going back as I was not going to be put through hours of even more discomfort just to be told to go home.

Luckily it did start to die down again but I still can't help to worry and wonder why no investigation what-so-ever was ever carried out as to what I had and why the pain was not being helped by painkillers. Also Why was I told one thing, had the things I was told put onto my notes and still fobbed off when I turned up?

It's safe to say, I WILL NOT go to Sunderland Royal for my medical care again if given the choice. Including any medical attention needed for my new pregnancy or the birth.

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