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I would just like to say that you will only ever hear the bad news in the press

I choose to have all three of my children at this hospital after having my first in 2009 i was adderment that that was where i would be going when i become pregnant again in 2010 my waters broke 6 weeks early it was around the time when queens was in the papers all the time that didnt put me off as i had a good experiance the first time round i was addmitted for 3 days and had our baby early ours in the morning it was very tramuatic as he was not breathing and was very poorly as soon as he was delivered there was a team of about 8 peads ready on hand to help oue baby out i was petrified but the midwife was amazing she was so kind and explained everything to us the baby was taken to nicu was touch and go but thanks to all the wonderfull staff there baby was fine then in 2012 i become pregnant again and the press was once again rife but as the had saved one of our beautiful children and the fact i was so frighted that pre term labour was apossabitly i went for queen again and low and behold 8 weeks early this time my waters went i went down to queens and was given a bed stright away baby heart keot dropping midwife thought was just aggravated but called the doctor in just in case well all hell broke loose and i was stripped off in a matter of minutes and was rushed stright to theater i was told we need to get this baby out now or we will loose baby no time to take it all in i woke up in recovery where i was cared for wonderfully by a lovely nurse ever so kind, once again baby was nicu but this time baby was well just a bit tiny and looseing weight due to not feeding but was soon fattened up and sent home

i just wanted to tell you all this as there is never a nice thing to say in the press and you have to think this hospital is one that deals with high risk pregnancys so there is bound to be some sad outcomes compared to others hospitalls you could say thing about the hospitals that deal with hearts and how many sad cases there are there compared to other hospitals

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