"Will never visit South Tyneside A&E again!"

About: South Tyneside District Hospital / Accident and emergency

(as the patient),

Ongoing issues with repeated gallstone attacks have made visits to A&E a lot more frequent than I would like. My pain has always been managed in the ambulance before arrival – so pleased this is the case, as I would not trust this hospital not to leave me in pain for considerable time.

My first visit of this nature was last year and I was taken to resus due to all the cubicles being full. The 2 nurses were run off their feet & I wasn’t seen for over an hour. When the doctor came their attitude was off. The doctor almost laughed in my face on being told I have M. E. Despite a clear history of gallstone attacks, I was then admitted to EAU as the thinking was it was my heart! An F2 doctor I saw could not believe it!

Several future visits have been in the early hours and at these times the noise I would liken their shrieks, shouting and laughter to a teenage sleep-over. Several of the patients in seemed frightened and many elderly. I feel this behaviour is immature and unprofessional.

I have recently had several attacks and on the last 2 occasions the nurse who took over from paramedics rolled their eyes at my return as if I have some choice in it. I felt the nurses attitude was contemptable! Visit 2 saw me sat in the waiting room for over 2 hours until I had the misfortune of seeing the doctor I mentioned earlier. I was taken to a cubicle which had not been cleaned – the bed was filthy and was not cleaned before the Dr put a sheet over it! The doctor then rambled about kidney stones and heartburn – neither of which I have ever had! No advice – useless!

Lately the Dr I saw confirmed that a stone may be lodged and re-explained the serious complications it could have. Briefly examined me and told me to go home. No blood tests were taken despite my history of LFT’s getting worse daily when having regular attacks. The doctor I saw said this was my GP’s responsibility and discharged me with the cannula still in my hand (I only noticed in the taxi as I was so angry).

In future, despite pain, I will take taxi to Gateshead QE as I do not trust this hospital or the staff I've been in contact with! I understand that this will mean suffering for longer but I fear that I could be in a critical condition and it would still be missed at this awful hospital.

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