"Lack of cardiac care in A&E and Ward B1 Whiston Hospital "

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(as the patient),

I visited my GP with chest pain at 5pm. GP was great with me being a previous cardiac patient and having previous cardiac procedures (x2 Ablations), as I was in constant AF, this could have lead (so I am told) to heart complications.

Over the past few week, I have tried to cope with the chest pain that shoots down my arm, jaw and throat. Last night was difficult for me, as a massive thud in my heart, three fast beats then slowed to 40 bmp after a hour or so it had fixed its self to beating at 90 bpm at rest (in bed). I finished work and visited my GP. GP took my blood pressure and it was very high with a tachycardia (high pulse). I had to take a GTN spray and the GP felt if not a heart attack, I may have a blocked artery or furring knowing as Angina.

In any case, the Ambulance arrived at GP's - what a great fast service! They took me to Whiston where I was placed in a cubicle for 10 minutes with NO blood pressure done and no bloods at all, until almost 50 minutes later. I have a Health Care Assistant take my blood pressure and pulse. I noticed it was 151/95 (much better) than in GPs, as he had given me a tablet to help reduce my blood pressure. However, the Care Assistant did not welcome me nicely and simply took reading and walked away. I was then left with a half open curtain and my shirt unbuttoned for another 25-30 minutes. ECG was complete and showed Sinus Beat, however as I have issues with my Coronary Artery this may appear normal. Not one person offered me a cold drink of water, or any refreshment as my head was banging from GTN Spray. Not one qualified nurse talked took care of me in A&E, as it was all health care for me!

Another Health Care Worker (lovely lady) arrived to take me to B1, on arrival the receptionist was stressed that she did not have my notes! She said that I must be an A&E patient (I was not I was GP Direct Referral), however I was placed in a wheel chair at placed in the corridor next to her desk. I was asked initially by the ward receptionist to sit in the common waiting room for visitors (not patients) which was crammed with families relatives and young people, even thought I had said I was having chest pain again! No notice at that stage was taken and I was left to sit in the corridor next to the reception desk. As a previous heart patient via Broadgreen, I would have hoped for a better service and attention. I was eventually asked to see a ward triage nurse who took my history, bp, bloods (more importantly), however almost 1 hour had passed since admission. I was then sat for a little over 1 hour in a waiting room where others told me they had been waiting since 1 pm that day! Whilst waiting a vomited in the ward toilet twice and tried to tell the nurse that I did not feel comfortable with chest pain returning and sitting in another waiting room in a normal chair! Not one person offered me a refreshment, hot or cold, no one asked if I had any pain! I was just left there. After a little time, I decided "I have had enough" and felt safer going home. I felt that the hospital and doctors had not looked after me, especially with my previous cardiac history. After all I did not call 999, my GP did.

I had no other reason, other than to self discharge as I felt sick, tired and massive headache from being given GTN by GP. Total sham and a total disgrace by Whiston Hospital.

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