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I am appalled at the treatment I received. I live on my own &I have Type 1 diabetes controlled by daily insulin injections. My blood sugars are normally stable & I am complemented by my Dr on how I manage my condition and diet, as I have for the past 30 years.I became & had called out an out of hours Dr Sat night who said 'probably a viral infection -continue with steps taken. My temp was very high & my blood sugars levels had been raised since I started feeling unwell from the previous week.. I went to my GP on Tuesday as I was no better who informed me both ears were inflamed & prescribed antibiotics. She told me to contact her immediately if my condition worsened. I contacted her at lunch the following day as I had a really bad night & my temp was very high, despite repeatedly taking paracetamol & taking the antibiotics. She arranged for me to be admitted to RPH as I felt I could not continue to manage the illness. I was admitted to the Rapid Assessment Unit & the medical staff in there were very helpful. I was admitted as I had flu.However, tea arrived with no warning for taking insulin and soup & a sandwich was on offer I wanted the soup & wouldn't eat much of the sandwich as I have a very low carb diet. The soup was luke warm & I asked whether they could warm it for me as I needed to wait for 30 minutes before eating after injection. insulin. A lady Dr was in the bed adjacent to me & when I was told 'no' she queried why it could not be microwaved in light of my dietary needs. The nursing assistant (green uniform) informed she wasn't allowed so I had to manage with a slice of tomato, small amount of bread & ham on the sandwich. The lady Dr thought I should complain. Not a nice lady.Later they asked about supper/coffee and although I would have had a slice of wholemeal toast at that stage they didn't have any - only white bread. No digestive/plain biscuits so I managed with small shortbread biscuits & dusted off the sugar coating.Again the lady Dr stated her

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disgust on my behalf. I made no complaint & would ask my elderly parents to bring in some suitable food the following day. We remained on the RAU as no beds on MAU, with staff brought in to cover. We were also only informed that we were staying there at about 5 pm at which point I could put on nightwear & make myself comfortable.Despite a very quiet ward & I had taken in earplugs I could not sleep & at about 12.30 I spoke to the Nurse pract. to ask for a sleeping tablet. I was refused. I then sat up all night sipping water (I had been informed to take plenty of fluid. I tried to sleep but had none.Just after 6am (usually up at 6 & take long acting insulin which I do twice a day - the 2nd dose at 6pm.)I was then asked by the nurse what I had was doing & proceeded to be lectured on the efffects being hospital may have on my insulin levels which seemed to suggest I shouldnt do what I normally did. I advised that the Dr had asked me to manage my insulin whilst in & I had agreed. Lecture over I asked whether it was ok for me take it & took her point that I would test my level first. (I hadnt because the rest of the ward was asleep & i hadnt located my tester).I went back used the light & tested & injected.My blood sugar high & I also took fast acting to bring down & would then take more prior to b/fast. No brown bread, chose bran flakes & had to wait as not informed again of time served.Blood levels became higher? I was seen by a consultant & burst into tears - he exited stage left. I was becoming confused. I spoke to the lady Dr who spoke to the Sister about my state & low blood sodium was discussed. The lady was being discharged & told me not to worry they would sort me out - low sodium likely the reason. About early/.mid morning at this stage. I was moved to Ward 20 & later extremely confused wandered the ward eventually amongst visitors & in front of 90 & 86 years parents highly upset at my state. Aware of all comments made by staff/security.Derogatory & rude.Son

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