"Terrible, I have no faith in this hopistal after..."

About: Chesterfield Royal Hospital

What I liked

A member of staff on the A and E reception was fantastic, very caring and assured my father. She would come and ask us how we were, due to the amount of time that we had been waiting. We saw her a few days later and she remembered us and asked how my father was.

A man who was a porter and took my father down to have an ultrasound scan was very kind and caring and talked to my father like an adult, made him happy. These are the type of peple that need to be employed at the royal.

One of the doctors was very good with my father.

What could be improved

My father was rushed into A and E feeling very ill on Sunday morning.

The first lady that we saw in A and E asked if my father could be seen on his own my father said he would prefer it if my mother went in with him. My father being ill did not feel up to talking through his past few days of illness. My mother talked it over. The nurse said 'I am not talking ot you! I want to talk to him!

The lady then said You look fine to me. My mother said he doesnt normally look this colour. The nurse then in a huff said she would refer him onto the doctor.

3 hours later a nurse came and took bloods.

After 6 hours waiting in A and E we was finally seen by the doctor. The bloods came back and it was found that my father had jaundice which was causng the yellow skin and yellow eyes. A very high level of bilirubin in his blood and damage to the liver. We were told that they recommened that he stay in over night so that he could have an ultra sound scan because he was not ill and would not be seen as priority this may take a few days. My father very anxious about staying in over night and asked if he could come back for the scan in the morning, the nurses said if you leave you will go to the bottom of the queue and may not be seen for a further 2 weeks.

My father decided to stay in hospital . That night he stayed on the emergency ward he had a really bad turn and became delirius and hallucinate. The nurses said he must have an infection so they put him on a drip with antibiotics etc, and catheter. The doctor there was very good and said that a ultra sound scan would be put through as priority so that they could find out what was the matter tomorrow am.

The next morning the doctor came and said that he needed to take more blods and they should be coming soon to take him for the scan.

My father was then moved to Ridgeway ward. This was 3pm. As soon as we got on the ward the nurse said you will be going......................................................

Anything else?

for your scan soon. 4.30pm came and my mother went and asked about the scan, we were told that we would be going down soon. My mother said we were told they close at 5pm, the doctor said no they dont. A nurse came to the door 5 mins later and said your scan wont be today the scans have closed for the day now. It maybe be tomorrow. From this i was appalled my dad was still very ill, and being promised all day for a scan that would never take place.

I asked for a senior member of staff to come and see us and explain. The doctor came and said that he could not guarantee when the scan would be. I asked if he could explain any further news as we had been told nothing since the blood results in Aand E. The doctor replied and said that i have not read the file so i cant tell you. I asked if the amount of bilirubin had gone down, he replied by saying i dont know. I asked why my dad had been on the antibiotics and then he replied again saying he didnt know he had only picked up the file. This was 4.30pm and it is 2pm the following day and we have still had no answer to my father.

One of the nurses is extremly rude and speaks to vistors in a disgusting manor. Other patients on the ward have said the same

We stiol have no news and my dad remains uncertian as to what was wrong with him. We was first told it could be something sinister like cancer. The whole family remain anxious, with no support from the staff and very negative atmosphere that leave my father and mother very reluctant to ask questions.

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