"a bad experience with a locum GP with little experience, newly qualified"

(as a parent/guardian),

This happened 9 years ago. I accompanied my teenage son as he was having recurrent abdominal pains, later we discovered it was IBS owing to being lactose intollerant - we found this out by a process of elimination of foods on our own. My son was asked to undress behind the curtain and lay on the examination table. The male locum put on examination gloves and without any verbal information of what he how he was going to perform the examination - he pushed his hand up the anus of my son who yelled out in agony at the sudden pain caused.

This was so traumatic that we were not rehearsed in our reaction, it was outside our frame of reference. We both knew it was wrong, my son was in much pain and I was suffering a mix of emotions from anger, guilt at putting my son in the way of danger, anger with myself, great sympathy and pain at the injury done to my son and at his physical pain. We are both level headed people and we were self-restrained, as we both felt that had we complained we would have damaged the career of this young doctor, who was handsome and well dressed and well spoken.

Looking back - something should have been said and we were wrong to protect this young newly qualified GP. There seemed to be no need to have had such an internal examination, to cause such pain and without explanation and forewarning.

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