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(as the patient),

I am 15 years old, and I am a keen skier. I went skiing at Christmas 2007 in the French Alps, which was over 3 months ago. I was at the bottom of a run, and I was pushing all my pressure through my left leg and then I heard a popping sound and I was in complete agony.

I waited until I was back in the UK to see what had happened. As soon as possible I went to my GP and told him what had happened, and he believed that the Anterior Cruciate Ligament had been partially torn, or ripped, but he couldn't be sure.

So I was referred to my local hospital (Conquest, Hastings) in late December 2007 and I was finally seen at the end of January 2008. The registrar came to the same conclusion, but wanted an M.R.I. scan to see the extent of the damage.

I had my M.R.I. scan today (March 2008). I went to book my follow-up appointment with the registrar to see the results of the M.R.I. scan and discuss treatment, and I was told that the earliest appointment was the 4th June!

My GCSEs start on the 2nd May, and I am currently wearing a full-leg brace and am using crutches. I am taking very strong painkillers which make me drowsy, but I'm still in pain and my leg is getting worse. My mum complained, she managed to get an appointment for the 17th April 2008 at another hospital, but even so - it's unlikely that I'll be operated on (because I will need an operation) before my GCSEs.

What makes me cross is that my friend caught an edge when skiing, and went to her GP. She saw the registrar within a week, whereas I had to wait 4 weeks. The registrar concluded that she had just strained a ligament (which is not as severe - I did this a year ago) and that she should come back in 3 weeks to see how she's going.

How is this fair?

Seems to me, that if it's a minor injury, we'll treat you because it's a quick clear-up rate, fantastic for a hospital trying to get foundation trust status! But me? 3 months down the line, still on crutches, trying to get a second outpatients appointment, sit my GCSEs where I am expected to get 9A*s, regardless of the fact that I'm doped up to my eyeballs. I'm disgusted.

My mum who works for the hospital is looking into re-mortgaging the house to try and help me, to get my treatment earlier. I am appalled that we have to go to these lengths. So much for an 18 week treatment deadline.

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