"Royal Shrewsbury Hospital SAU Dignity for patients"

About: Royal Shrewsbury Hospital / General surgery

(as the patient),

I was admitted to SAU recently. On arrival I was nil by mouth. I arrived at 12.55 pm.

I was admitted by a nurse at 2.05 pm. I was seen by a junior doctor shortly after this. I have an extensive history of medical problems and mobility problems.

On hearing my history, the junior doctor was extremely thorough. However, as I suffer from adhesions he was wary about advising me about what the next step would be. My GP had informed me that she thought I had a hernia as I had been vomiting for several days.

The junior doctor did examine me and said he couldn't feel anything where the pain was coming from.

I was still nil by mouth and did not have a drip in place. I was getting thirsty and my husband asked for a drink for me. The nurses came back and informed me that the senior doctors would be around in a bit and it would be discussed if I could have a drink then.

As it was the consultant came round and did a ward round of all the patients. They started with a patient next to me. In loud voices so everyone could hear they informed her she had cancer. She was most upset and anxious as no family was present at the time of the ward round. The consultant then moved on to me, leaving the lady very upset.

The consultant examined me and said that the pain I was experiencing was due to adhesions and basically I was to go to my own medicine cabinet and treat it with paracetamol, buscopan, ibuprofen etc. I was to be discharged home again with no fluids or food.

The lady next to me questioned the registrar about how long she had and what was to happen next. The consultant had already hinted she didn't have long left and the registrar informed her it would be weeks rather than months. This upset the lady and left her in a bit of shock.

I feel that the lady should have been told with her family around her and this information should not have been given so everyone could hear it. I also feel that she should have been moved to a side ward and given some dignity.

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