"My difficult child birth experience"

About: Leighton Hospital / Maternity care

(as the patient),

I was induced after going a week and 3days over at Leighton hospital.

I still cry and get upset when I think of my first child birth experience. I was told I wasn't in labour, and I felt that the midwife who came on late shift was not very caring towards me.

I ended up having my son over the toilet in the early assessment part of the maternity ward after sending my birthing partner (my mother) home. I was left in agony on my bed after being given paracetamol and codeine tablets. I needed a wee but couldn't get off the bed and I didn’t want to get the midwife, because of how she had behaved towards me, so as I tried in pain to go the toilet I wet the bed. I was scared of how the midwife would react, so I crept my way to the toilet and locked myself in. While in the toilet the pains came more and then there was urine and blood which panicked me. I lost control of my breath in panic and had no choice but to pull the cord for emergencies, as I unlocked the door and called for help. A young midwife came to help me and I made my way back to the toilet, as this was all I could manage. She came over and asked how I was doing. As she approached, she could see I was crowning and called for help of the others. They tried to get me to my bed but I told them I couldn’t make it as I was in too much pain. She explained I was having my baby, I felt fear horror and shock! I replied 'I can't I've got strep B' she explained it would be ok, as it was too late to do anything now but they would do checks after.

Lorraine Tomlinson was my saviour that night, she helped deliver my son in the toilet of the hospital. I called my mum to come back up less then an hour after her being sent home. We were all so upset. Very luckily me and my son are both ok, thanks to Lorraine who was fantastic. We all had a cry that night, then I was sent up to the maternity ward, where a woman who had a baby opposite me got me some toast and a sweet tea. I didn't sleep till my mum came back. I still get upset, like I said.

When I got home we reported this to the hospital as we had when I was there. Finally we heard from the head of maternity and early assessment ward. I said that I wanted more training and perhaps discipline for our first midwife. I was told an investigation would take place, whether this happened, I don't know but I hope no one is ever made to feel how I was. In a way, it's a good job I had him on the toilet at the hospital, as I was considering leaving and going home. I know my son is here and ok but it still hurts to remember.

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