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What could be improved

I was appalled at the poor post op care, which caused my husband unnecessary pain, could aggravate and delay the recovery of the wound. He was sitting in A&E for hours, when he should have been resting post op. The flippant attitude of the nurses and their ignorance as to what advice to give should there be any post op problems is disgusting.

suggestions for improving the care will include:-

o Consideration to be made about the time the patient needs to recover from the anaesthetic and that the wound has actually had time to clot, before discharge.

o Any problems with a bleed from a wound whilst on the ward are discussed with a Doctor.

o Staff to adapt their care to the amount of ambulation the patient is able to do, and ensure that this will consider the effect on the wound.

o Staff to receive adequate training on treatment of bleeds, and consequently be able to give advice to patient and their family.

o Patient to be seen on the ward post operatively by the Doctor, who would need to be satisfied that the patient has recovered and the wound is stable enough before discharge from the ward.

o The Doctor must take the responsibility for the discharge of the patient- not nurses who seemed to be more intent on getting home.

o In A&E patients who come in post-operatively to be assessed quickly by Triage. It would appear that the Doctor had made assumptions that the problem was trivial based on paperwork- not the patient, which resulted in the loss of more blood.

o Staff need training on giving the proper post operative advice for particular conditions- the advice the A&E Doctor gave is to allow the knee to recover by no weight bearing immediately after the op, and in the days after gradually progress with the exercises given, and elevate the knee to reduce the swelling. Training should include post op advice should include the advice beyond the doors of the ward

Anything else?

I’m sorry I have had to write to you but I was extremely upset with the way my husband was treated after his operation on Monday 15th October 2012.

He attended Holywell ward for a Knee Arthroscopy Meniscectomy, and Debridement.

He was told that his knee had already had a bleed that had needed redressing before leaving Recovery.

It began bleeding again when staff told him to walk to the toilet 2 hrs after surgery. They bunged swabs under the bandage to soak up the blood and sent him home.

It didn’t stop bleeding and we had to go to A&E.

There he was not assessed and did not see any staff until I asked for a complaint form three hours later, and still bleeding.

Doctor there was horrified at the amount of blood loss, and said that this had been caused by putting weight on that foot and walking. He had been told to walk by the staff on the ward, and was in considerable pain. He was not given crutches and we had to ask for a wheelchair to get him to the car to take him home. In A&E he finally after waiting for 3 hrs, got proper care, was given helpful advice, and was given crutches.

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