"Disappointed by care at A&E"

About: Charing Cross Hospital / Accident and emergency

(as the patient),

I was at Charing Cross A&E as I have all symptoms for pregnancy.

I explained to the lady at reception that I only need an ultrasound to see if there is a baby inside me or something really wrong was going on with my body. Because although I had so many of the symptoms that pregnant ladies have, I have an implant in my left arm. And I did check myself with a digital pregnancy test couple of days ago. But the lady at reception said "Oh, you shouldn't really be here, you have to refer to your GP practice."

I explained to her that in my GP practice they always give you appointments for two weeks after as they seem very busy. Then she said it will take a while, around 2 hours as there were 8 people in front of me. But what happens after is I started counting. I was called at number 11 or 12, not 8 as she said.

An unfriendly, and quite rude doctor presented themselves very quickly. I wish I could put the complaint straight to them (they also treated me few months ago when I had ear infection).

So on that visit today, the doctor only took my blood pressure and that's it! Nothing else! They said I have to give a urine sample and then let me go out. I thought they would give me an empty sterilised container to do it so, but no, I had to go to reception again and embarrass myself asking for a bottle as the doctor asked me for a urine sample. After I did it, I wasn't told by anyone where to leave it, why my name is not on the bottle etc. So I had to go to reception again and ask them quietly, because I was embarrassed to hold my own urine there in front of all people.

But they were not quiet, they had to shout or talk really loud so everyone in the waiting room (over 20 people) had to hear what were we talking about. They said I have to wait until someone called me. I sat there and wait for almost 1 hour and then went to ask them again what's happening. I thought meanwhile they could have taken the sample and read the results rather than wait even more.

I went again and asked when I'll be taken into consideration to be seen as I've been waiting for more than hour and a half. They said I will be in next 1 or 2 people to be called. This didn't happen. Doctors come out and shout different names, but mine was not amongst them. So I went again and asked what is this nonsense, that I've been told I'll be next and still no one called me. I was very angry at this point, even my friend was very angry and shouted at the person at the reception.

I was really annoyed to wait so long for something so simple which I can even check myself home. I told them I need an ultrascan, just to confirm if I'm pregnant, I have to take my implant out and start being more healthy for the baby, or if it wasn't a baby, then what is really wrong with my body? This isn't normal, I can't lie on my front, I have lower abdomen cramps, they are strong - they come and go, the pain is not always there.

They seem to work very slowly, maybe there is a lack of staff, but they need to change doctors behaviour towards patients. We need just little bit more care and proper attention, not just paracetamol and go home and rest. This has been common experience to me, and most of my friends and family.

So in total I stayed there for almost 3 and a half hours without been seen, ignored by staff and feeling embarrassed holding my own urine. I left. I was disappointed, and I am never going there again.

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