"Problems with out-of-hours GPs at Poole Hospital "

About: Bournemouth and Poole Teaching PCT / Emergency GP out of hours service Poole General Hospital / Accident and emergency

(as the patient),

I had surgery on my foot on recently & was in severe pain the day after, so I phoned the contact number I was given at 17. 30, I was given a appointment at 20. 00 at Poole hospital Out-of-hours GP's, I was seen at 21. 05. The doctor asked what was the problem, so I explained about the surgery I had and showed him the discharge paperwork & how I was in severe pain. He then asked to look at my foot. He touched my toes & asked if I could feel that I replied yes. He then touched a couple of other parts of my foot and asked if I could feel that to which I replied no because of the thickness of the bandaged I had on.

I then asked if I could have some stronger pain relief than the paracetamol and codeine I was taking and suggested Tramadol as I have taken this before and it was also one of the suggested medications on my discharge paperwork. He seemed to be quite happy to do this and started to try and fill in his diagnosis on the computer. After 5 mins or so he said he would have to consult with a colleague, after about 10 mins or so he came back and explained his colleague was in a consultation and he would be back soon. After another 5 mins another Dr came & showed him how to use the computer & left. He then tried to fill in a prescription & failed so he then went of and got another Dr to show him how to do it.

He was trying to prescribe me slow release tablets (I think this was because they came top of a list when he typed Tramadol in) which I said wouldn't really help quickly enough & luckily (for me) I said this when the other Dr was there & he agreed with me. He also failed to tell me not to take codeine with the Tramadol as they are both opioids and can have major Interactions but luckily I knew this. So an appointment that should have lasted no more than 10 mins took over 40mins. Why was this Dr there when it was obvious he didn't know how to operate the computer system, didn't warn me about drug interactions & didn't seem to really know what the medication he was prescribing to me?

No wonder by the time I left the appointments were running about 2 hours late. I did speak to the receptionist about his lack of training on computers but she said that wasn't down to her but when I said it took 2 other Dr's to help him she did seem to say she would say something to someone about it. So hopefully he either will get some training or he won't be there again.

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