"Very good treatment, kind and caring, professional"

About: Guy's Hospital

What I liked

I had a coronectomy, which is when they remove the top part the crown of the wisdom tooth and leave the bottom part in, because my bottom part was to near to the main nerve to risk removal which could have caused me perm nerve damage to face, tongue and lips. The surgeon I saw for a review was the same surgeon that did the operation. I was put under a general so was completely knocked out. I advise this to anyone who is nervous and having an impacted wisdom tooth removed. I felt nothing at all when they did the operation. I was even having some dream but cant remember it now. Then they woke me I was all numbed up. I sat and rested and they gave me a fruit drink to give me some energy.

A week later unfortunately I got dry socket which is agonising so I re-visited guys on floor 21 for after op emergencies and they packed my hole with clove oils and creams, at the time the pain was excruciating and I even had a local as well to numb it. Plus to my nervousness as well didn't help matters and think I was shaking, but they were very caring towards me before and after doing it. I only waited about 10 minutes as well. After they packed it I felt relief.

What could be improved

When I first met with the surgeon a few months before the operation, I felt she was rush speaking very fast all of the information in one breath. And it was a lot of information as well. I requested that I wanted to be put under sedation and she said we do a general here meaning you be completely under or a local being awake. I said that's fine I will have the general then as I am nervous. She agreed and got me to sign a form and told me what would be done exactly. I managed to take it all in but a lot of people would not be able to take in lots of information on a rushed fast speaking paced beat. Between each explanation there should be gaps to give the patient time to take it in and ask questions. The surgeon was very nice, she just speaks fast like me.

Anything else?

Just before I was to go under general my bp read 170 and even when the nurse took it earlier, I was concerned that they would not do the op because of it. But luckily they did which I am glad of. I remember saying to the doctor my bp is high isnt it, as I have hypertension, he said yes but I can bring that down for you before you go under. After that I was waking up drinking a fruit juice.

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