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What I liked

I went to A&E because my GP had made a cock-up with another local (private) hospital when referring me to someone re: a lump I have. My own GP had almost ignored the fact I've had cancer twice before and this could be a relapse, and the clinic I'd been referred to by him noticed my history and told my GP it wouldn't be appropriate for me and that I'd need to see a specialist pretty urgently... again, he'd ignored that from them, so upon turning up to the clinic to find they'd cancelled and let my GP know (he'd not let me know) I then went to Blackpool Vic. A&E...... thank god I did. All the staff to whom I came into contact were fantastic, understanding, obviously caring, and willing to go above and beyond to sort out my GPs mistakes. The receptionist was brilliant....she then booked me an urgent appointment with their own on-site GP - who not only listened to my concerns, then rang the specialist I'd need to see and persuaded him to see me urgently without having to revisit my own GP for a referral. Bearing in mind that this was a Thursday, the consultant's secretary had, by 4PM rang myself and got me in to see them first thing Monday morning. Today is the Friday - and I have just had a home visit from the GP (the hospital one, not my own) to say that he was passing the area and he'd brought me round a blood test form and x-ray so that they'd be done before I saws the specialist on Monday.

I am so grateful that when things were looking like one big list of errors and misjudgements from my own GP, that I was placed in the very capable and caring hands of those at Blackpool vic.......... There's not enough words to express mine and my family's thanks to them

What could be improved

nothing.... the service and caring attitude has been way above and beyond that I was even hoping for nevermind expecting.

Anything else?

Brilliant, brilliant doctors, nurses, and support staff..... I've had many jobs where I tried to instil in my staff the kind of customer service that your staff display so naturally.

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