"Sexual Health Clinic, I should be able to attend without discussing my sexual activity in the presence of others."

About: Islington PCT / Contraception and sexual health

(as the patient),

I think this service is good for everyone. However, since reception staff are frontline to this important service, I think a re-look on customer service provided from them is needed. I am a professional who feels Sexual Health Clinics are important, but am less reluctant to attend such venues due to receptionist staff behaviour.

I realise they are stressed and at times deal with inappropriate behaviour. However, equality and diversity is something I believe in and feel I should be able to attend a venue not feeling uncomfotable nor have to openly discuss my sexual activity in the presence of others.

I do not wish to complain because it is not my intention for members of staff to be directly admonished, but feel that commenting on someone's sexual activity is also inappropriate as quite frankly it is no-one's business, but their own. Miscommunication within the department should be re-looked at too because if I had made an appointment rather than listen to the receptionist I would not have wasted my time in attending a venue where no such service was available. I am grateful that despite this, they were able to see us. However, to prevent people from be misinformed on the correct procedures of attendance I think you should look at this too. Moreover, despite emphasising I was working and unable to attend any other time, except weekends or evenings, I feel a drop in service in the evening would be beneficial.

Another point I would like to raise is that receptionist staff should not necessarly tar everyone with the same brush because prior to my current relationship I have abstained from sex, but felt appalled I have to justify my conduct and behaviour when all I merely wanted was some answers to questions that they would only know.

It seems to me the nurses and Dr's are polite and the receptionist staff not and through discussion of this topic with other people, they too state that receptionist staff from all divisions of the medical sector seem to have a tendency to take it upon themselves to diagnose and ask personal medical questions that a Dr and Nurse are there to do.

It would be nice to attend a Clinic and be approached by a reception who does not, in my opinion, take it upon themself to judge others or ask questions of a personal nature that should be directly asked from the Nurse or Dr.

However, despite the mess up created, I would like to thank those who were polite and able to resolve the matter very quickly.

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