"I spent an entire night with no treatment and was then berated for leaving"

About: Royal Gwent Hospital / Accident & Emergency

(as the patient),

I was taken into hospital by ambulance after collapsing at home with blood and bile coming from my mouth and nose. I was admitted to accident & emergency where blood was taken.

After this was done, I was then told to sit in the waiting area because the bed was needed. I was very thirsty so my partner asked if I could have a drink of tea or coffee. She was refused and told by the nurse she did not have enough to go round so she had to go else where to get me a cup of coffee.

Late evening I was taken into a room where a doctor did some tests to determining what could have been the cause of my problem. After this I was sent back to the waiting area. The doctor returned at almost midnight and told me that my iron level was low and my heart was beating too fast. I explained that my stool was black which indicated that I was swallowing blood. I was then told that they needed to discuss this with senior doctors.

That was the last time I saw a doctor. I was then taken to a ward, placed by a bed with no covering. I placed my coat on the bed only to have it taken and thrown to the ground by a nurse. They then wiped the leather mattress with three movements, bought some sheets and told me that was my bedding.

I was never spoken to again until almost morning and in this case I had to ask if I was going to see a doctor today. The nurse looked at me, turned and walked away. I asked again and was told the doctor was seeing a woman would be with me in five minutes. The doctor never came.

In the afternoon I left the Gwent. On arriving home I had a phone call from the hospital, a nurse claiming that she could not find me and that if I did not return to the hospital she would call the police. I refused.

Five minutes later I got another call from a doctor who informed me that I had lost a lot of blood and they needed to find out why. I replied that they knew this more than 12 hours ago but did nothing. They replied that they were very busy. I replied saying that internal bleeding must not be a priority then.

They told me they needed to see me right away and I said that I would rather die at home than in their hospital, with staff who had behaved in a way that made me believe they couldn’t care less. I then hung up. Five minutes later the police turned up and I refused to go back.

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