"My husband took his life having received no support for alcoholism or depression"

(as a relative),

In 2008 my late husband became dependant on alcohol which caused him to suffer with depression.

He went to his own gp who prescribed a mild antidepressant and referred him to an alcohol centre, but his depression became worse. He made several attempts to end his life, each time he was taken to hospital treated for his injuries then sent back home.

I phoned the hospital on several occasions begging them to admit him for psychiatric help but was told because he had alcohol problems they couldn't admit him so I asked the alcohol team if he could go into rehab to help with his alcohol addiction. Their reply was that they couldn't because he had mental health problems so it was a no win situation.

On one occasion when he had cut his wrist and needed an operation to repair the damage, he came home and went to see his own gp who prescribed him with 3 boxes of strong painkillers. Of course, being of suicidal mind he went on to try and overdose. He was found and again taken back to hospital to be treated and sent back home, even though I begged the hospital and crisis team to help him they said because my husband had told them he felt ok they had to take his word. I told them how it would end but they didn't seem intrested and signed off their team.

More attempts were made until in October 09, he suceeded in ending his life.

I feel my husband, myself and our sons were let down. Why can't they listen to family who are with the person on a daily basis and witness their behaviour?

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