"My 3 year old was discharged at 1am"

About: Royal Oldham Hospital / Accident and emergency

(as a relative),

My son had been unwell for a few days, suffering with nausea and high temperature. After 3 days of the same I took him to the doctor where we noticed purple spots on his neck, and a red rash covering his body. The doctor wasn't concerned but wanted him to be checked over at hospital.

We arrived at Oldham Hospital at 6pm where they were expecting us. They took his temperature, weighed him and put "magic" cream on his hand ready for the blood tests. Eventually at 10.30pm when my son was exhausted they took his blood. 1 nurse wanted to give us a bed on the ward because it was getting late, but the doctor told her there's no point because we'll be going home.

At 12.30am the doctor gave us the results of the blood tests and said it has revealed there is an infection and that he suspected it was the throat. He looked in his mouth and confirmed his tonsils were swollen, therefore had tonsillitis.

Why did they not look at his throat when we got there at 6pm?

The doctor said he will prescribe antibiotics and we can go home. I explained I couldn't park my car close to the hospital because there was a football match that evening. He wasn't interested that I had to walk the streets alone with a 3 year old in the rain. The nurse who looked after him was great and wanted us to stay, but the rest treated us like an inconvenience. I would have been happy to leave at 6am, in the daylight.

Almost 7 hours waiting to be told it's tonsillitis? It's not on, and I am contacting the local MP to try and stop late night discharges.

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